Indie Ale House Stout Night 2015

The public transport trek from our Hamilton Hoppily Ever After home to Indie Ale House‘s Barrel House in Toronto’s Davenport, is a long and arduous one. But we needed to do the bus thing, because their Stout Night 2015 had so many good (and new to us) brews.

In a string of commercial buildings and warehouses on a side street, the Barrel House is tucked away. And yep, inside it’s lined with barrels.

IMG_0780 (2)

It’s not a huge place. It’s a relatively small room, and it had a relatively small crowd. With the concrete floors and hanging twinkle lights, it felt like we had been invited to an exclusive party, rather than a big beer festival.

IMG_0778 (2)

Maybe it was the size of the event, but the people there were less clique-y, more friendly. We got in several stout-fuelled conversations with patrons of all ages (well, all ages 19+).

IMG_0777 (2)


IMG_0776 (2)

As you might guess from a stout-specific festival, there were a lot of creative takes on the style. Josh and Jessica both adore stouts – sweet, smoky and malty are winners for both of us. However, Josh likes the imperial and barrel-aged brews better, whereas Jess is more likely to grab a lighter, roasty stout.

IMG_0773 (2)

There were a lot of prime options, and we had trouble narrowing it down, but here’s a few that intrigued or delighted us:

  • Black Oak – Nox Aeterna – near the top on both of our best-of lists. Smoky but still smooth, no burn at the end of your sip. A very slight sweetness tempers it a little. You can see why they call it a breakfast stout: it’s very drinkable.
  • Niagara College Teaching Brewery – Set Me Free – an ice wine-barrel-aged imperial. Intriguing flavour. The sweet grape flavour is at the same tiem subtle and quite noticeable. Both of us found it interesting though it was a bit strong for Jessica.
  • Blood Brothers Brewing – Guilty Remnant – a pale stout; you wouldn’t expect it to taste so stout-like but it does. The white chocolate works well with the coffee-like notes, like a fancy cafe drink.
  • Belwoods Brewery – Bring Out Your Dead – aged in cognac barrels, a lot stronger in scent than in taste, but it’s present in both. It’s a strong hit with the “whoa cognac” feel that it would work well as an after-dinner-sipper.
  • Great Lakes – Harry Porter and the Cherry Hoarder – maybe it’s a cheat as it’s a porter, but this tied for #1 for Jessica (the other being Nox Aeterna), and Josh also really enjoyed it. It’s got a Dr Pepper vibe with the cherry, malt, and a hint of fizz. Can we buy a bottle?
  • Forked River Brewing – Weendigo – Josh’s number one of the stout night (or stout afternoon, in our case) – Warming and satisfying, with a bourbon top note.
Posters for a couple of the stouts

All in all, it was worth our trek. We just wish we could buy all our favourites – so many delicious one-offs. Next goal? Making it out to Indie Ale House itself.

Event Date: December 19, 2015