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Trafalgar Club – Ontario Brewery Touring

Oakville’s Trafalgar Club is a combo of Trafalgar Ales & Meads and the Trafalgar Artisanal Distillery. They do the meads, the hard liquor, and the beer – and they do it damn well.

Trafalgar Club Interior - Hoppily Ever After


The tap room was redone back in 2014, and now it’s a rustic haven with wood panels, long benches, and a pot-bellied stove. When we visited back in November, there were only three taps. But now they’re really close to unveiling their 16 growler filling stations, which means that soon we’ll see all  the varieties from their fridge on tap.

Flavoured alcohol at Trafalgar Club -Hoppily Ever After
Flavouring hard alcohol


On Sundays at 2pm, there’s a great tour around the facility. It’s $10, but that includes a good round of samples (plus you can apply the $10 to a purchase).    It’s not a huge place, so we didn’t expect the tour to last a full hour, but between the two of us, the other guys on the tour, and our guide, we got to chatting.

Beer ingredients at Trafalagar Club - Hoppily Ever After

We talked beer, brewing at Trafalgar, distilling, homebrewing, and the state of beer in Ontario. Plus, we poked around the back end of the place

At Trafalgar Club - Hoppily Ever After
Josh checking out the equipment


Though there were only the three beers on tap, doing the tour meant we could dig into all the goodies in the fridge. Some standouts of beer and mead included:

  • Norfolk County Baked Apple Mead – like apple pie in a glass, with all the spices
  • Wet-Hopped Ale – the fresh, local Cascade hops gives it a leafier taste than some hop-forward brews
  • Trafalgar ESB – that classic, undefinable bitter ale done just the way it should.
  • Potato Stout – quite a dry, old-timey, classic stout. Can’t actually taste the potato though!
  • Irish Brown Ale – tangy, proper, Irish brown, perfect for the cooler seasons

Beer on Tap at Trafalgar Club - Hoppily Ever After


The big extra is, of course, the distillery! Trafalgar makes quite a list of unique or creative spirits. Along with vodka and unfiltered gin, they make “shines” (as in moonshine, but with a name more palatable to the LCBO), which is basically unnamed whiskey – and Trafalgar does it in multiple flavours: berries, apple pie, pumpkin, and more. We even took a few home with us.

Shine and Hard Alcohol at Trafalgar Club - Hoppily Ever After

Our visit date: Nov 28, 2015

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