Brux House

Pub Crawl: Brux House, Hamilton

Our “pub crawl” series features beer-focused bars, restaurants, clubs, and pubs around Hamilton, throughout Ontario, and beyond.


Brux (“brucks”) House is pure industrial chic. It’s all brick walls, bare bulbs, steampunk-esque metal, raw wood, and marquee letters. It’s also a temple to craft beer.

That craft beer vibe works its way in everywhere. The logo has a stylized hop in the form of a wolf. The windows are etched with a pint glass and fork silhouette. Under the Brux House sign, it proudly states: “Craft Beer + Kitchen”.

Brux House

Brux House is like a new version of fine dining. Classy service and a finely crafted menu, but with the comfort of a neighbourhood pub.


Brux Flight 1
L to R: Rosée d’Hibiscus – Dieu du Ciel, Spirit of the Woods – Revel Cider, Maredsous Brown – Duvel

Brux has a long, carefully curated list of beers and ciders. With a local brewer as a co-owner, they’ve got the local beer connections downpat. They have a wide assortment of Ontario craft, including a good number of unique brews that may never make it to the LCBO.

Beyond Ontario brews, their list has a good picture of European styles both classic and modern. Belgium seemed to have been particularly well-represented each time we visited.

Beer List
Chalkboard Beer List on July 30, 2015

The beer comes by the pint, but you can also go with our favourite option: a three-beer flight. It’s a good way to try a batch of specialty brews and still make it home in one piece. Plus, it’s always fun trying to match each drink to a course.

Brux Flight 2
L to R: Sour Cherry – Oast House, Rodenbach Grand Cru – Brouwerij Rodenbach, Aphrodisiaque – Dieu du Ciel


In terms of ingredients, planning, and service, Brux might qualify as “gourmet”. But the European comfort food theme makes it very accessible. German, Belgian, and French seem to be the primary food influences.

Menu options are inspired by local produce, and chalkboard specials pop up. Some of our favourite dishes include mussels, schnitzel, and Belgian waffles. Heck, even their deep fried broccoli was a stand-out dish.



Brux House has two floors and a patio, but it’s all very cozy. A number of locals seem to have caught on to its appeal, so if you’re visiting at a popular dining time, you probably want to make a reservation.

They’re also up for Air Canada’s best new restaurant award. Check out their description, or vote for them here:

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